Nowhere Press and Periods is a small, boutique publishing house that specializes in material *other* houses won't really get in to. It was started by M. Scott Ault for the publication of his graphically enhanced literary novel "The Death of Love" however, as he researched potential other publishing houses he realized.. nobody was really dealing with the artists. Not one publishing house was working with artistic, alternative, lit or content. Thus, he decided to~ augmented by the fact that his inaugural volume grew suddenly in to a trilogy (two volumes, upcming)~ take his small interest and help OTHERS realize their dream of professional publishing.

Nowhere Press and Periods is, also, releasing books as a funding option for M. Scott Ault's environmentally charged project "Ocean Cyclist" that will see him build and pilot a pedal powered boat around the world with a planned departure date of spring 2025.
Please bear with me as I am launching this site and starting to reach out to potential retailers.

Upcoming work will include a quarterly environmental magazine, poetry compilations, and coffee table books. I am also in the process of recording audio for spoken word/ audio books, musical collections and more.

We are, also, networking with Local Calgary Based companies for MERCH production for both the books and Ocean Cyclist itself. All wearables will be sewn in Calgary, printed in Calgary and shipped from Calgary. Look for an awesome collection of environmentally sloganized wearables to hit the shelves later this summer.. early fall at the latest.